During this unprecedented time, we cannot predict the future, but we can invest in it. If you are able, please consider making an online or in-kind donation to help sustain our mission. Our long term commitment to see youth from our community reach their full potential in life would not be possible without the support of donors. All donations go directly to youth programs.


See below how donor contributions have supported our mission in the past.

one student's summer pre-college immersion program
STEM software upgrades for high school and middle school technology classes
college campus tours for high school seniors
cost of referees for Midnight Basketball programs
art supplies or athletic equipment for after-school recreation


Our vision to foster growth and achievement through offering top-notch academics, enrichment and college services would not be possible without dedicated volunteers and partners who support our youth. By giving your most precious commodity, your time and passion, you can make a difference.

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Below are examples of ways you may volunteer with us and support our youth.

  • Mentor a middle school, high school, or college student
  • Offer tutoring for middle schoolers
  • Offer support in a youth center program
  • Volunteer in our campus gardens
  • Volunteer at our Farmers Market
  • Help with meal services
  • Run a training/skills clinic for youth or staff members
  • Participate in Career Day
  • Give a talk about your career
  • Offer a shadow day at work or internship opportunities
  • Help with advertising or community canvasing

Learn more about our impact

Visit to learn more about the life-changing impact we are having on young people, their families and our community.

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In-Kind Donations

We also gladly accept donations in-kind. Some desired items are listed below. Feel free to check in with us about other items as in-kind gifts are always a huge help!

School supplies
Dormitory supplies
Sports equipment
Technology equipment
Garden supplies
Office supplies & equipment
Culinary supplies & equipment