Our Mission

We prepare young people for college, careers and futures as 
well-rounded, global citizens.

Our Values

Youth Power

We heed the energizing, world-changing power of youth to invest in a safer, loving, and more joyful future for all.


We ensure the social, cultural, and educational needs of young people by embracing new ideas that encourage imagination, teamwork, and joy for learning.


We nurture the safety, wellness, and health of our young people to preserve the future of our communities and foster global prosperity.

Community Commitment

We invest in the worlds of youth to also invest in the worlds of parents, communities, and loved ones who provide for and protect them.

Equity & Inclusion

We demand social equity amongst ourselves so that we achieve fair access and equality for all.


We support the fullness and radiance of all young people we nurture, honoring the things that are most innate in them: laughter, curiosity, wonder, bliss.