Comer Education Campus is anchored by Gary Comer Youth Center, Gary Comer Middle School, and Gary Comer College Prep.

William Schleicher

Board Member


William Schleicher, President and Chief Operating Officer of GCI, an investment company, making investments in first or second stage companies in need of capital. As part of his duties with GCI, Bill serves as a board member for each of the company’s investments and actively works with its leadership to develop strategic opportunities.

Before joining GCI in 1991, Bill worked at Arthur Andersen where he gained exposure to public reporting, internal controls, and securities regulation requirements for large, publicly held companies and also worked with entrepreneurs in a variety of small businesses, helping them develop strategic plans, accounting systems and financial controls.

In addition to his other duties, Bill provides oversight and management to all of the Comer family investment portfolios and trusts, family assets, and financial planning. Bill also is a board member of the Comer Science and Education Foundation and the Medical Home Network and actively participates in their philanthropic activities.

Bill is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and a CPA.