Comer Education Campus is anchored by Gary Comer Youth Center, Gary Comer Middle School, and Gary Comer College Prep.


On the Comer Education Campus, we don’t stop supporting you once you graduate high school and get accepted to college. Through our partnership with UtmostU, we offer academic, social/emotional and financial support throughout your journey until you earn your greatest degree!


GCYC’s college success initiative, UtmostU, is non-selective and provides comprehensive support so you can realize your full potential.

Holistic support every step of the way

We instill in you a belief in your college potential from the moment you step through the door and we provide the tools, guidance and encouragement for you to achieve it. With a focused lens on first-generation college students needs, we are there to help you overcome every challenge.

A degree for every student

A college diploma is the goal for every student at UtmostU. We know how ambitious that is, but our comprehensive approach and dedicated staff help make it a reality for you.

Powering graduation with technology

Leveraging technology to support students improves your chances to graduate and succeed. UtmostU provides each student a smartphone and mobile plan to not only keep critical communication lines open with your support network of family, friends and UtmostU staff, but to also ensure you have a device to access the internet and critical resources such as campus portals and classroom apps.

Partnering to extend our community of support

The more people invested in your success, the greater your chance to graduate college. We keep in close touch with you throughout college, talking regularly and visiting at least once a semester. We help manage the transition from college acceptance to matriculation. By building lasting partnerships with college faculty, administration and on-campus groups, we ensure you are surrounded by the right people. Many of our upperclassmen serve as Peer Mentors to help incoming freshmen. No matter where your path leads, UtmostU is here to support you.

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