Comer Education Campus is anchored by Gary Comer Youth Center, Gary Comer Middle School, and Gary Comer College Prep.

Our College Graduates Are Prepared For Promising Futures

De Shawn Armistead 050216 8800 960

DeShawn Armistead completed a BA in Government & Philosophy from Connecticut College in May 2016.

"I am about to do something amazing. It’s time to go make it happen.”

— DeShawn Armistead

Americans with bachelor’s degrees, on average, make nearly twice as much per hour than those without a degree.*

As students, our young people build the foundation they need to achieve in school and in life by having strong academic support, receiving guidance from adult role models and committing to their own success.

Our college graduates are pursuing careers in professions ranging from environmental policy to public relations. Others are working toward advanced degrees so that they will be better positioned to excel in their chosen fields.

Be it through film production, teaching mathematics, counseling youth or practicing law, these young people are ready to change the world.

* The New York Times

THEN & NOW: From GCYC Days to College Campuses Across the Country

This summer, DashayArnesia, DeShawn and De'Andre shared their stories with Comer Family Foundation. Read about each student's journey from Chicago's South Side to college graduation.

Dashay Purnell Revere R4 F15

Dashay Berry-Purnell (left) on the Paul Revere School playground in 2003.

Shay Purnell 033016 4821 750

Dashay Berry-Purnell BA 2016 Criminal Justice | Sociology, University of Dayton

Gccp Choir2009 002

Arnesia Banks performing with the Comer Choir in 2009.

Arnesia Banks 050316 9660 750

Arnesia Banks BA 2016 Political Science, Boston College

Gccp Ribbon117

DeShawn Armistead at the Gary Comer College Prep Ribbon Cutting in 2009.

De Shawn Armistead 050216 8628 750

DeShawn Armistead BA 2016 Government | Philosophy, Connecticut College

Gcyc Mg 9399

De'Andre Armstrong studying with a fellow student at the Youth Center in 2008.

De Andre Armstrong 021916 4492 750

De'Andre Armstrong BA 2016 Media Studies | Film, University of San Francisco