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GCYC Green Teens Inspired by Natural Beauty in Yellowstone National Park

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“It makes me excited to see all the nature and that not everything in the world has been polluted.”

— Austin Akin

Last summer, twelve GCYC youth and two chaperones visited Yellowstone National Park to learn about the environment, natural resources, native plants and animals. They conquered fears, developed leadership skills and came to understand the importance of being stewards of our earth, especially national treasures like Yellowstone. The trip was made possible by Park Journeys, Yellowstone Park Association and the generosity of GCYC donors.

Students researched Yellowstone's geology, wildlife and history, including African American's work in the park. They painted on a mountain top, wrote in journals, hiked the trails, tracked wild animals, cooked their own meals and developed a new sense of community. Whether the students confronted personal challenges such as physical exertion on a long and steep hike or developed a new found joy of solitude and "unplugging" from technology, the group undoubtedly had the experience of a lifetime.

“The park is for us. I won’t forget Yellowstone because this is a legacy people left for us to enjoy. My children coming after me, I will make sure they visit the park and hopefully my grandchildren will come here too.”

— Oluwabusayo Adebayo

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