Comer Education Campus is anchored by Gary Comer Youth Center, Gary Comer Middle School, and Gary Comer College Prep.

Green Apple Day 2019

Green Apple Day 2019

A Day of Service at Gary Comer Youth Center

We hosted 115 volunteers at our Youth Education Garden and Science Garden for Green Apple Day on September 27, 2019. The Francis Xavier Warde School joined the day of service and came out in numbers to complete projects such as constructing a solar-power generator unit, installing a new apiary, building a deck with a seating area, creating signage for the Youth Education Garden, and doing valuable site improvement work in our science and education gardens.

The Chicago chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council  is part of the national organization, Center for Green Schools, who plan and execute projects that help prepare the next generation of leaders to support sustainability. Since Green Apple Day began in 2012, the day of service has inspired almost a million people in 80 countries to support sustainability at their schools and school partners.

We thank all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication. And, we especially want to thank Winnie & Larry Kearns for their generous in-kind donation of materials and supplies for the projects. 

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