Comer Education Campus is anchored by Gary Comer Youth Center, Gary Comer Middle School, and Gary Comer College Prep.

Our Partners

Working with best-in-class partners, our campus provides programs and services to introduce new experiences and expand opportunities for over 2,000 youth annually.

About Gary Comer College Prep and Middle School

Gary Comer College Prep opened in August 2008 to its first class of freshmen. The high school building was designed by John Ronan and opened in August 2010. In 2012, 100% of its graduates were accepted to college. They serve over 750 students in 9th through 12th grade. The campus expanded to include a middle school in 2011 and now serves over 325 students in 6th through 8th grade. The school’s vision is to develop well-rounded and successful college graduates based on the Noble Network pillars of scholarship, discipline and honor. The school believes that with enough grit, zest, optimism and gratitude, anything is possible. Learn more about Gary Comer College Prep and Gary Comer Middle School.

About ACCESS Community Health Network

For more than 25 years, ACCESS has been on the frontlines of community-based health care. ACCESS provides a continuum of care model that connects patients to health care resources. ACCESS at GCYC provides our youth and families with quality healthcare services on site. Staffed by a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Licensed Social Worker, our families can address their physical and emotional health needs without leaving the community. ACCESS at GCYC is open Monday through Friday. Learn more here.

About South Shore Drill Team

Founded in 1980 with a handful of youth participants, South Shore Drill Team now serves 300 young people ages 8-21 who perform unique flag, rifle and dance routines at more than 100 events annually. Gary Comer Youth Center serves as the home of the South Shore Drill Team where practices are held 6 days per week.  Well-known for its amazing precision drilling, the team is a favorite of parade-goers everywhere. In addition to its unique marching style, South Shore Drill Team has a wide repertoire of dance numbers, all part of its Performing Arts Training Program. Learn more here.